I wrote you a poem, while you were “shopping” online for another girl

I may not have the right color of hair
Or be the “right musical choice”
But I have the biggest heart
And honest feelings
That you might have possibly feel it

You made me smile
You made me sighed
But you also made me cry

You are stubborn
You are a devil
You have an angels smile
You have a wicked sense of humor
But you know what
You are also one of the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen
You want to know something; you were perfect to me

When I first met you
Ages ago
I couldn’t take my eyes off of you
When I finally could go out with you
You had me after hello

You might not even have a clue
But you behave like a pop star dude
You are so vain, so shallow and futile
That the most important thing for you
is to bound with someone
with similar taste and known features
than rather connect with someone
decent with honest feelings
While you were anxious abut the future
I was trying to settle down in the present
And burying the past
‘Till an extension that no one would remember

I know that we are and were so different
And I’m far from perfect
But one thing you should know
And it’s true
I really adored you

And after all
It didn’t work out
You gone quiet
So it was time to say good bye
But it was not easy to say hello
And it was even harder to see you go

All my friends had told me
All you need is to go out
And find yourself someone who talks and speaks out
Coz this one is way to introverted and weird
Which it only shows
How difficult and complicated you can be

The ironic thing is that
While you were “away”
Even when I was with you
There were guys staring at me
There were guys were asking me on a date
There were guys were asking for my phone
And all I answered was NO

While you were online
SHOPPING for girls
I was trying to stay quiet at home
Writing you a poem

I’m sorry in case you don’t know
I’m always flirted it off
It’s Not exactly my fault
That others see and like
What you don’t even know you GOT

So if you think these girls are right
Its fine
If you think they are wrong
Well now I’m gone
And you have a poem
To show to your online girls
How you really IS

Oh yeah and certainly now
That I’m out of your way
That I’m not a pain in your ass
You have all the time you want and need to eat as much ASIAN RICE you need



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