I’m blue and you are black as you like

A black hole
A lost soul
No one really knows

There are days
That no one knows
That are days
That I close my eyes
And I lose my mind
And for one moment
I feel all the sadness inside

The thought of you
It makes me blue
And all I would want
Is to be with you
Even though,
I need my solitude

My tears drop down in the lane
Like water in a rainy day
Pay attention in this
I’m way too vain
I’m way too proud
To make you see
Anything from me
Like a missed call

You don’t have a clue
But just because
I turn my back my on you
Doesn’t mean I wasn’t feeling blue
Doesn’t mean that I was not in pain
You should have seen my face
When I walked way

I cried my heart out
And prayed for you to go away
As fast as a lightining
In a stormy day
I would never admit
A moment like this to be seen
I am, also,
I’m Way too vain
I’m Way too proud
To admit that I even, have any flaw

For a moment
I really thought
You wouldn’t never gone quiet
even absent,
I never thought that you would walk away,
I really thought
That you were going to stay
Actually, untill today
It hurts to say
See you

It hurts deep down in my soul to say
Bubbye have a nice day
Be good
Be brave
Be cool
Bubye have a sunshine day

Just make sure please
Once you make you’re way to leave
Don’t reappear
Don’t even think
Don’t be insensitive
Don’t even consider
Don’t be naïve
Just remember
These thoughts go away with a blink

I thought we were having fun
Drinking our drinks with rum
And then suddenly you got vain
And made me feel pain
You just made me drain
Out of all of my strength

I must say
In that day
I felt pain
And you,
You were vain

I just pray
For the rain take my pain away
In the end
I’m still, well,
Yes I’m blue
and you are probably
still black
as you like.


I’m glad to have been educated by YOUS

When you think about learning
You think about school
You think about annoying teachers
Explaining the (boring) rules

But life is all about surprises
When you come across
Something new
You learn that
Every day you
You learn something new
You meet Someone cool

At school
You learn that
Not everyone
Treats you like a dumb fool

At school
You also learn that, there are different people
You learn that people are indeed, different
You learn that, there are different accents
You learn that, there are different speeches
You learn that human beings are in fact, crazy type of specie

At school Sometimes,
Even though the teacher stands right in front of you
The teacher everyday gets to learn something from you
The teacher also learn something about you
And learning become something chill
It’s all about exchanging
It’s all about engaging

Watching films
Watching sitcoms
Playing music’s
Or just chit chatting
Learning becomes sharing
Behaving like F.R.I.E.N.D.S.
Or Being a member of a MODERN FAMILY
Or just chilling out playing BOARD GAMES
No matter how the class was done
I was always about having fun

Even when we just have to fill out the blanks
Out of the forms
Even if I was looking and looked bored
I wasn’t at all
I was just trying to absorb it

So here’s it my share
Here’s my poem for YOUS
That had had the time and the will
To teach me something new

Just so you know
I have grown
I also have improved
And the most important thing out of it
Is that I have REALLY leant something
Something about YOUS

And here’s a poem for YOUS
I’m thankful
I’m grateful
I’m glad to have been educated by YOUS